Snow Day

We’ve had snow both yesterday and today!  The temperature only skims freezing overnight, so while it has snowed two nights in a row, it warms up enough during the daytime that by mid-morning each day the snow has mostly melted into slush and wetness.  It’s been fun to wake up to white roofs, though.

Yesterday it was actually snowing, but not much accumulation…

… and today there was a little more ground cover although none was falling …

… but it had mostly melted by the time we went out walking.


We’ve become accustomed to much more beautiful weather this winter; even though we came here bracing ourselves for the worst, we’ve had as many sunny days as not.  We’re used to our morning walk looking something like this:

..and it was a nice change of pace to see our usually bright view turned into today’s snowy grayness instead:

Although it might not quite qualify as a winter wonderland.

We are so glad to be living someplace with a variety of weather.  Unrelenting sunny day, after sunny day, after sunny day, after sunny day, after sunny day … was wearying and dull.  Here, the sunny days give beauty and interest to the clouds, fog, snow, and rain, and the cloudy days make the sun seem all the more cheerful when it shines.

(But I still never step outside without sunblock, never.  UVA rays are not all reflected by clouds; most UV comes straight through anyway and can cause burns and deeper damage.  Broad-spectrum sunblock == daily necessity!)

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