Why “puddle-wonderful life,” you ask?  It’s from an e.e. cummings poem, in Just-, about springtime, which he describes as both puddle-wonderful and mud-luscious.

So … (1) We do have a dog who is small enough that his nickname is “the small furry” or “small friend.”  He’s also furry enough that sometimes it’s morphed into just plain “the furry” or “the furs.”  (2) We like to hike.  (3) A couple of times this winter, the weather has apparently been beautiful – and not only appears to have been, but in actuality has been.  The sun shines, the breeze blows warm and gentle, the sky is blue and the trees are green, and we have been fooled into thinking it a perfect day for a hike in the woods.

However: we have discovered that here, in the winter, it rains enough that the ground unfortunately never dries out.

And when you have a small, furry animal hiking on moist dirt trails … by the end, the undercarriage (of the animal) is one solid, sticky, oozing, caked-on mass of mud.  (Can it be both caked-on and oozing?  Yes.)

I don’t have a photo of the disastrous results, but here is a photo of some substitute mud; use your imagination.

However: “mud-luscious life,” while possibly more accurate from time to time, didn’t sound so pleasantly poetical.  PLUS, we are focusing on the positive here!

We have not lived in NW Oregon for long enough to know what the spring and summer are like here, but so far, it is beautiful, wonderful, and puddleful.

Our feet may get wet…

our BIRKENSTOCKS may get wet (the horror!)…

and it may be easy to feel sorry for ourselves once in a while…

but we appreciate that the puddles also mean rain and green grass and huge trees and beautiful moss and full farmer’s markets, and they can be a beautiful in themselves, also.

We are very happy to be living here.

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