trying out black-and-white

A few weeks ago, I bought a new camera with almost a third of my entire personal budget for the year.  Wise or foolish move?  I haven’t decided yet, but at least I’ve been enjoying using it and learning all the features.  On Wednesday, I discovered that I can take photos in B&W directly on the camera.  whoa.

Thank goodness I have a handsome and willing subject for all this new-camera-playing….

but wait…

something strange must be happening on the floor….

…which is the Furs, evidently not wanting to have his photo taken in black and white.

It’s not so bad …. cheer up, Small Furs!

The Furs == our small furry dog’s nickname == not to be confused with a Furze bush, otherwise known as Gorse.

Any thoughts? Leave a reply here!

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