A few weeks ago, we were at Portland’s International Rose Test Garden.  There’s a set of stone steps leading down to it from the parking lot – straight down at the top, branching off to the left and right at the bottom.

I came down before John and Max, and when Max noticed that he was up high and I was below him, he was (1) confused and (2) eager to reach me.

Sadly, I didn’t get my camera out in time to capture his first expression.  Before he put his front paws on the wall, his face was just staring over the top of it, perplexed.

He decided to leap up …

and got a little too close for me to focus.  Whoops.

OK, this is better…

although he’s still contemplating jumping down.

In the end, he decided to sit still, look grand, and enjoy the view from up high.

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