Home-made Macaroni

For Christmas, John bought me a pasta extruder, which is tremendously fun!  Just like the play-doh extruder I used to play with, except:

1) it attaches to my mixer, so I don’t have to personally press the little lever;

2) there’s a lot more dough to play with;


3) when the process is over and the finished product is eaten, it’s delicious, not salty.  Play-doh is tremendously salty.

The first time we tried, we made Spaghetti, which is very forgiving.  It doesn’t really matter how long each spaghetti strand is.  Macaroni is a little more difficult – we ended up with quite a range of lengths.

The noodles ranged in length from about 3/8ths inch to 2 inches .. or maybe a little longer.

They have a good flavor, regardless of their inconsistency of form.  It’s much different from regular store-bought dried pasta, although I don’t know whether it’s because it’s an egg-noodle dough, or because it’s fresh.

I don’t have a photo, but I made most of these into home-made mac ‘n’ cheese.  Garlic, mustard, gruyere and aged cheddar, topped with parmesan and bread crumbs and baked.  Yum.  Maybe not the most healthful meal, but not so bad either, and definitely delicious.

Cleaning up after pasta extrusion is not as bad as I feared it might be.  Most of the parts aren’t machine washable, but if you allow the dough to dry right on the pieces, it flakes off easily with a toothpick.

Next morning, everything is clean and shining!


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