Blossoming Moss

I’ve never actually seen it growing flowers before!

I had a hard time getting a good photo in clear focus.  Maxwell was antsy to keep walking.

Hopefully you get the idea, though.

Here, I was standing so that my shadow fell on the moss, which is why it’s bluer/darker.  I think it turned OK, anyway.

I hope now that I’ve posted this, that it’s actually the moss that’s flowering, not some other tiny plants that are growing up through the moss…


2 thoughts on “Blossoming Moss

  1. It is quite beautiful! This is an education for me. I didn’t know it blossomed either, though I may have seen things in moss. My love for moss is growing. We have lots of moss growing under linden tree in from corner. It is great as nothing else grew in this spot.

    • I am really not sure if the moss is blossoming or not, since, as you say, sometimes stuff grows in there. I couldn’t see any other little plants but it doesn’t mean there weren’t any.

      Moss is great for shady areas!

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