Other Scenes from our Sunday Walk

Apart from Maxwell’s alarm at the other dog’s invasion of his personal space, we had a nice walk.  Daffodils were blooming….

…and I made John and Max pose for me on a bench.

They then both pretended to ignore the camera…

…but John couldn’t hold out forever…

…and I got a nice smile.  (Although Max kept up the silent treatment.)

We saw some nice cherry blossoms – where there were just a few last weekend, suddenly there are many, and it seems like the whole neighborhood will be glowing pink in another day or two.

And of course the crocuses are still in full force.  Here are two cute little guys along with a baby hyacinth, maybe?

By the time I got to shooting this small tuft of moss in the sidewalk crack…

… John and Max might have been getting a little bored with all the picture taking.

And so might you be if I continue much longer.  I’ll leave you with this symmetrical succulent (from yet another neighbor’s yard) and say ttfn.

OK, I won’t.  I have to post this one again:

“What the heck is wrong with this crazy dog?!?!?!”


6 thoughts on “Other Scenes from our Sunday Walk

    • I’m really glad you like the various plant life we have here, mom. (And, I guess, the photos I took of it.)

      …but don’t you think Max’s horrified look is hilarious? He’s just so shocked by the other dog’s exuberance.

      That photo is still my personal favorite of all of these.

    • Thanks Jonathan! I’m glad you liked it. I was kind of focusing (not in the photo, but in my analysis of the photo) on Max trying to continue walking down the sidewalk, and John’s feet looking bored, but there is a whole landscape back there too.

      I’m also glad you find Max’s expression entertaining. :)

  1. Well, I guess I don’t see maxwell’s expressions clearly enough. I am with Jonathan. The little orphan moss in second photo is delightful. Mostly because someone actually took an interest in it, and shows its struggle for life!

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