All Over the Map

We’ve had some crazy weather in the past two days.  Yesterday we had a high-wind warning, which is very unusual, and a prediction of rain, which isn’t.  They weren’t kidding about the wind, either.  I’m been used to high winds, having grown up in tornado-country central Illinois – and we had some strong storms in Texas, also.  But here?  Sometimes a branch will wave gently in the breeze, or a little rain blows against our windows, but more often the air is still and quiet.  It’s more a land of fog and calmness than of tempests.  Nonetheless, the wind blew yesterday, strongly enough to take down some branches.

I didn’t have my camera with me (because of the rain threat) but did get some photos with my ipod.

Thankfully, it didn’t actually rain during our morning walk.  We were subjected to eye-drying gusts (especially poor Maxwell) and a constant onslaught of mist, which is usually gentle, but surprisingly prickly when driven against the face at tens of miles and hour.  (I’m not sure quite how hard the wind blew.)

An hour or so after we got home, it began to pour. tells me we got 2.85″ yesterday.  Unfortunately, it hadn’t let up by the time John left work, and I couldn’t pick him up since I had dinner in the oven – he arrived home somewhat damp.

We expected more rain today, since it’s been predicted for the entire week, but instead at breakfast we were treated to more flurries!  Not much accumulated, but it was great fun to watch.

It soon turned into a rain/snow/sleet combination, and I was not very eager to take Max out in it, but he was undeterred.

“Please take me out?  Please?”

…and it was actually looking quite light out, so I acquiesced, and am glad.  The sky was beautiful, blue to the north, cloudy above, the sun hidden behind a very thin layer of clouds in the south, which caused a golden, beautiful, glowy sort of light.  The sleety grossness was still falling on us, but when it stopped I turned around and ran home for my camera.  The moment(s) had mostly passed, and the light was a more normal post-rain brightness, but I got some good photos anyway.

Pretty much everything was still wet and dripping…

and the puddles were out in full force.

By the time we arrived back home, the sky was blue and the sun was shining.

And now this afternoon, it’s gray, cloudy, and drizzly again.  The weather is really all over the map this week.


2 thoughts on “All Over the Map

  1. Though the flowers , puddles, and Maxwell are beautiful, I think it a stretch to call the fallen limbs “branches”. Of course, you must remember that my plumb line are the ancient oaks on our property!

    Speaking of “all over the map”, Leelanua County got some where between 25 and 30 inches of snow in 24 hours first weekend of March! 18,000 without power. Broke sour cherry trees, but sweets are stronger, and lived through it.

    • OK OK, we can call them “twigs” instead. How’s that? :)

      I know they are small compared to a lot of what you get blowing down – but in my defense, that was an exceptionally wide sidewalk – maybe 7 or 8 feet wide – so maybe the twigs were longer than they look.

      Also, about 30 seconds after I took those photos, a little tractor came by and a guy hopped out and picked them up, so I think the city maintenance people were really on the ball with the cleanup. I can pretend there were larger ones downed, and I just didn’t see the because someone else got there first.

      Sorry to hear about the cherry trees! I hope not too many are gone…. and that the power outage wasn’t too tough on people.

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