Let’s Play Fetch

Maxwell is not a natural fetcher.  When we first brought him home, he would run to an object if we threw it, and then either begin playing with it, if it was a toy – or just stand there staring at it, or at us, if it was something boring (like a ball).  Once he knew “come” and “drop it,” though, we could string the commands together and praise his “good fetch.”   He eventually learned the meaning of the word by itself, and now that he knows how to play, he enjoys the game.  It’s extremely useful during these rainy weeks, when we don’t take as many long walks as we usually do, and he is antsy and under-exercised from being stuck indoors all day.

I’ve been trying to learn how to get good shots of him fetching, because it’s just the cutest thing.  He’s so small and fluffy, and takes it so seriously.  We usually play at night, though, when the indoor LEDs light the room, and I’m not sure my lens has a wide enough maximum aperture to allow a fast enough shutter speed to capture this sort of action in low light.  I kind of like some of the photos I’ve taken, though, mostly for what they capture of Maxwell.

When I try to photograph him while he’s fetching to me, most of the photos look the same -he’s running straight at me.

I get much more interesting results when John’s playing with him, and I get to be the spectator.

Look at the concentration!

Obviously the photography has a ways to go.  He’s all blurry here, partly from a too-slow shutter and partly because (I think) I didn’t have the focus correct….

But check it out here – I pretty much got him in focus, and the surroundings are whirling around him.

My favorite shots might be the take-off moments.  The complete focus on the toy…

… the vigorous whirling around to go after it…

… John’s awesome throwing follow-through.

Look at both my boys keeping their eyes on the ball!  (erm…  keeping their eyes on the doggie, I mean.)


2 thoughts on “Let’s Play Fetch

  1. Those pictures of Max turned out very well. I particularly like the ones where he is airborne! I will look for some future one in bright sunlight.

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