Canine Messages

The grass around here grows lush and verdant, with all the rain and moisture that it receives.  We’ve noticed lately, though, that some grows a little more vigorously than others.  These large tufts, additionally, are sniffed and marked more frequently by the Furs than normal, non-tufty grass.  After observing Maxwell’s behavior and that of other dogs, we’ve discovered a neighborhood feedback cycle:

– Dog uses the facilities on a certain patch of grass.

– Grass uses extra nitrogen to grow a little taller.

– Next dog, attracted by the smell and the height, sniffs it, and marks it.

– Grass uses additional fertilizer to grow taller yet.

– Grass is even more attractive to neighborhood dogs, due to prominent height and delicious mix of smells.


Unfortunately the shade got in the way of a really good photo of it, but hopefully you get the idea.

I think we didn’t notice it before, because the grass was mowed more frequently in the fall, and didn’t grow much in the middle of winter, even though it remained green and beautiful.  Right now it’s warm enough that the grass is growing visibly, but the mowing is still infrequent.

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