Visitors, Pt. 1

Several weeks ago, John’s parents came to visit us.  Technically they were our second and third visitors in our new home, respectively, but I’m not sure if the first counts.  Ryan has stayed with us twice, but we were basically using him for slave labor.  He first arrived the day after his fall finals ended, feeling under the weather – so I immediately brought him to our new home and made him paint the living room and dining room.  The next day, I made him move all of my 500 tons of books and papers and cooking supplies and 300 tons of shoes and clothes.  I think he’s pretty excited to come back and visit again.

(Actually, I think he *is* excited to come back and visit again.  Right?  Ryan?)

When John’s folks arrived, the first that happened was that Carol gleefully put Maxwell into a headlock, and then didn’t let go until Wednesday morning, before they headed out.

Ok, just kidding.  She is really very kind and loving to dogs of all sorts.

She was just giving him a scratch under the ear, and his face was full of pleasure and contentment.

(Although one might say, somewhat squished contentment.)


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