Visitors, Pt. 2

Later, after we extracted Max from Carol’s arms, we all went to the Pittock Mansion.

It’s actually not that dark and scary looking.  This day was only the second day I owned my new camera, and I was still getting the hang of it.  (I should say, I *am* still getting the hang of it, but was especially then.)  This one is a little too light, but more like it:

We arrived just before closing and decided not to go in, so we wouldn’t feel rushed.  But the grounds are beautiful, and despite the very cold wind, we enjoyed a stroll around the front of the house.  John and Carol moved a little faster, while Rob and I lagged behind taking photos.

John and Carol stopped to observe this massive old birch tree in the front yard, then quickly moved along.  It was very cold.

There was one rose in bloom, despite the February chill.  Hooray!

And then we rushed home to wrap ourselves in blankets (or was that just me?), and spent the evening playing Bridge.


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