Day 3: Parc Monceau

As I mentioned, Parc Monceau was John’s favorite park in Paris.  I recommend looking at the link above, which has a very nice description of the park, and photos of some things we did not see.  The lush greenery, for instance, was not yet out, and the first half of our visit was a overcast.  We did enjoy our time there, though, and I was fascinated by the park’s many interesting and eclectic features, like statues:

(this is Chopin, being sprinkled with flowers by an angel and devastating the mortals with his piano playing:)

various architectural items:

huge trees:

a little pond, and colonnade around it:

a path dedicated to the inventor of the frameless parachute:

and something that may not have made it one of John’s favorite spots, but did help put it on my list – funny signs.  Here’s what greeted us at the park entrance:

Meaning … use a hockey stick to clean up after your dog?  It’s not quite like any other sign of the sort that I’ve seen.

Then there’s this one:

This seems like a very dog-friendly park, with many dogs both on- and off-leash enjoying it with their owners… but for some reason, they are not allowed this one particular path.  What??

And this:

Evidently, you must.  watch.  birds.  now!  (Ok ok, I guess it is probably simply advising the passerby that this may be a good spot for birdwatching … but it does seem awfully commanding in person.)  And be careful; even though birdwatching is recommended, bird *feeding* is strictly prohibited:

Finally, there’s this confusing specimen:

There’s no fence around this part of the grass, and it looks like a perfectly normal part of the park.  So, what?  You’re allowed to run on the paths, play, skate, stroll, set your dog loose, dance, sit, hula hoop, or whatever else you like … but under NO circumstances may you lounge under the trees?   It doesn’t appear to be a warning against sleeping in the park, which would be understandable.  The figure definitely looks like he’s relaxing and enjoying the park, not camping out.

It didn’t bother us though.  We had places to go and things to see, and no time for relaxing.  We left by one of the beautiful gates, and were on our way.


4 thoughts on “Day 3: Parc Monceau

  1. Maybe you’re not allowed to do crunches in the park. I really like the two pictures you got of the particularly large trees (next to the house and with the reflection).

    • Hmmm, interesting idea. Although to me the figure looks a little too relaxed and comfortable to be doing a crunch.

      I’m glad you liked the tree photos! I wish I’d been able to capture the entire trees, but I guess I’d need the extra-wide-angle adapter for my lens to do that.

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