Day 3: The Seine at Sunset

The river and surrounding buildings were beautiful in the warm light cast by the setting sun.  It looked just like you would expect in a movie – sunlight slanting in under the bridges, the walls of the quai on the north right bank aglow, the buildings on the south left bank softly backlit, the water reflecting the light.

This houseboat/barge had an amphibious vehicle perched in the back.

And we got to watch swans swimming by the Musee d’Orsay (which we eagerly anticipated visiting the next day).

When we reached the eastern end of the Louvre, we considered walking the rest of the way home, and decided against it, which was the right move – we took a similarly long walk the following day, and needed the rest.

We hopped on the metro and headed back to our neighborhood for a failed second attempt at crepes, and ultimately, a relaxing dinner at our hotel.  All in all: a great day, despite having begun it so much later than we’d hoped!

6 thoughts on “Day 3: The Seine at Sunset

  1. What a sparlkingly clear day you captured. I see not a cloud in your images. Perhaps John or Carol may rcall seeing swans on the Seine, but I do not…quite a treat. Love, Rob

    • Yes, we had a beautiful day. Of course, this is the same day that began cloudy and chilly (at Parc Monceau) and there were scattered clouds throughout the afternoon, and by evening the sky was completely clear. Perfect!

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