Day 4: Miniatures!

Near the Palais Royale, we encountered a shop selling collectible miniatures, which I think is deserving of its own post.  (This was actually at the south end of the gardens, so my chronology is a little out of order here.)  Its window displays were extensive and overwhelming – I can’t imagine what the inside of the store is like.

They had battle miniatures:

Revolutionary miniatures:

Circus miniatures:

Medieval miniatures:

and Cycling miniatures.

I’m sorry (to Jonathan especially) that my focus ended up on the lady in the fancy hat instead of on the cyclists, but perhaps I can excuse myself a little; as I snapped this shot, I said to John “just one more!” for the 5th or 6th time – plus some smokers had taken up residence in the corner of the arcade – so we were in a rush to leave.  I held my breath, took the photo, and we hightailed it, with no stopping to check whether or not it had turned out well.


On an unrelated note, I will now present the miniature annoyance of the day:

Imminent and eminent are not the same word, and are not interchangeable.

imminent: impending

eminent: illustrious; or clear and thorough.

(And just to round out the offerings, “immanent” = inherent, although it is not a frequently encountered word.)


5 thoughts on “Day 4: Miniatures!

    • We were really surprised to see the miniature beheading scene – I didn’t think that was the kind of thing miniature collectors usually went for, but maybe so …. At any rate, the head *was* there, but it was really disgusting which is why I took the photo so that it wasn’t visible.

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