Why My Brother Ryan Is Awesome

I would like to take this opportunity to detour slightly from our travel journal to explain why my younger brother, Ryan, is one of the most awesome people you will ever meet – if you are lucky enough ever to meet him, that is.


1) It’s true.

2) I have something to share about my older brother soon, and Ryan deserves equal billing.

3) Today’s his half-birthday.

So here’s Ryan in a nutshell:  He’s very smart, and hard-working and thoughtful and creative, and I’m sure he’ll succeed at whatever he wants to do with his life.  He also loves fun and relaxation, so he’ll probably enjoy it along the way, too.

If you want to have a great time, Ryan’s the perfect companion.  He loves to play games and sports of all sorts, and is always up for anything new that sounds fun.

If you want to have a great *laugh*, Ryan’s an even better companion.  His dry and sneaky wittiness often causes me to collapse in laughter, and I’ve seen him have the same effect on others.  It’s the subtle cleverness that sneaks up and gets you.

He’s personable and cheerful and will talk happily with people of every sort, older or younger, strangers or friends.  He’s the most laid-back and outgoing member of our family (although some of the rest of us can kind of fake it) which seems to be an excellent combination – he can sit back and let others take charge or step up and take the lead equally well.

He has an eye and an appreciation for excellent design, particularly of living spaces, consumer electronics, boats, and cars.

He’s masculine, but not squeamish about doing things that don’t fit the perfect guy’s-guy mold.  He likes to dress well, and he’s a decent knitter (although hasn’t practiced enough that I’d call him extremely proficient).  His posture is better than most teenage guys’.  He wore a pink bow-tie for prom this year.

Photo taken by Sharon Kuck

(Doesn’t he look handsome?)

He’s a loyal and dedicated friend.  Two of his very best friends today have been two of his very best friends since preschool.  I’m not sure exactly when they met, but I’d guess they’ve been fast friends for about 15 years now.  Here are Ryan, Freddie (middle), and Edo (right) with their dates for prom.

Photo taken by Sharon Kuck

He’s also a loyal and dedicated brother.  He’s very close friends with Jonathan, and makes time almost every week to talk with me on the phone.

Of course, no one is perfect.  Here are Ryan’s most notable defects:

1) He does not appreciate the magnificence of corduroy.  He refused flat-out to celebrate last year’s Corduroy Day in any way.  (His parents, older sister, and brother-in-law all enjoy this fabric, especially in the wintertime, so I am not sure how this has happened.  Maybe it’s a form of teenage rebellion?)

2) He is prone to reticence; it can be a little hard to eke information out of him sometimes.  This of course is not at all a bad trait in all circumstances, and can serve a person very well sometimes.  However, if you talk with your sister on the phone on the Tuesday before prom, don’t you think you could maybe mention the fact that such a thing is happening in four days?

Photo taken by Sharon Kuck

To wrap up, I thought I’d include a limerick I wrote about Ryan 2 summers ago, that still fits him well:

He’s helpful, hard-working and sunny;

school, sports, cars or boats – he’s no dummy.

With eyes so deep brown –

at times, such a clown –

life’s better because he’s so funny!

Happy Half-Birthday, Ryan!


10 thoughts on “Why My Brother Ryan Is Awesome

  1. great sainte chapelle shots. i think i was nbr 1500, as well as 1501 etc as i
    tried to get on the notification list. not even a tiny nibble of tomatoe under those circumstances??

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    • Thanks! :) I don’t think I’m allowed to use the word “darling” without getting in trouble, but I won’t say I don’t concur. And I agree about the tie, also – I’m not always a fan of matching colors, but I think their outfits looked great together. I was initially surprised to hear he’d chosen “blush,” but it was a good choice!

      Thanks for visiting me!

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