Day 7: More Sky Surfer Photos

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On Thursday, I promised more Sky Surfer photos, and here they are … we really had a great time that morning and I think the photos are pretty cool.  We had a ton of fun playing with this, and I’d reiterate my question from Thursday – why don’t more cities have this kind of thing set up in public places?

Or am I wrong, and I just haven’t noticed them around?  Have you seen adult-sized play equipment set up in public parks?  (And if so, where?)


After watching Ryan and John on the sky surfer, I felt ready to try my hand at the handlebar side, and choose Mom as my rider – I figured picking the lightest and smallest would probably be easiest for me.

Unfortunately, the handlebar end is scarier than it looks.  Pushing the person around in the first circle is easy enough, but then the handlebars come flying at you, closely followed by a large person/platform combination.  I turned and ran away.

According to my brothers, this is not the proper way to use the Sky Surfer.

“Don’t run away!” they yelled.  “Stay there and grab the handles!”

So I tried again…

… and this time, stayed put.  Unfortunately, I didn’t grab the handlebars in time, and Mom came whooshing down from above like the wolf on the fold (gleaming in … magenta and black?) and I dropped to the ground, curled up in a ball.

Fortunately there is no photographic evidence of this – Jonathan was too busy yelling at me to “get up!  get up!  get out of the way!” to take any photos, I think – so thankfully, no one will ever find out.

After that fiasco, I tried a couple more times …

and after never catching the handles, and breaking down in laughter too many times to keep running …

… I decided to give it a break.  Mom and I traded spots, and she began.

She pushed me around successfully the first time …

… and grabbed the handlebars appropriately …

… and around we went!

It was a little slower and more sedate than the ride Ryan had given me.  Thank goodness!

I’m not sure all our attempts with Mom on the handles went as smoothly, though, because it appears at some point we dissolved in laughter, while our dear family members smirked …

… and evidently took hilarious photos (or videos?) of our efforts.

Once Mom was tired out, Ryan was rested up enough to try again, and again, I was the victim on the platform…

But by this point, I’m starting to get the hang of it and feel a little less scared.  See?  I’ve only got my knees grabbing the post, not both legs, ankles, and feet. At this point Jonathan, who before we arrived had declared his intention not to participate  since his 5k was coming up just hours later, had reached his limit – he could no longer stand to wait on the sidelines observing, and decided to give it a shot, 5k or no.  He’s the most experienced at the sky surfer, and the strongest, and certainly the most exciting in the photos.  I think they speak for themselves.

At this point we had also garnered some onlookers, who I at first thought were there just to laugh and make fun of us (or at least of me – am I paranoid?  I don’t think so, given the running away and curling up in balls.) but actually were waiting in line to use the machine also.  They took a turn while the musketeers rested in the grass, watching the sky-surfing experts at work …

 and one by one went down for the count.  First John:

… and suddenly everyone was splayed out.

Except for Dad, who instead went for a stroll with Mom around the park.

But who can nap for long when the Sky Surfer is at your feet?  As soon as our onlookers were finished, John and Ryan were up and at it again.

Except this time, they were trying a technique they’d just seen our spectators using – the platform rider also jumps off on the lower side of the rotation, and runs a little to increase the speed.

It seemed to work well for them, but watching Ryan prepare to jump from the heights was a little scary for the rest of us.

But I think they had a fun round, all in all!

I didn’t want to leave the Sky Surfer without having experienced the entire thing, so I was determined to succeed at the handlebar end before lunchtime.  Mom jumped back on the platform, and after a few more failed attempts – I did it! I stood my ground, grabbed the handlebars, and hung on – all the way around!

Unfortunately, Jonathan also failed to capture any photographic evidence of this, so you’ll have to take my word for it.

It happened.  I promise.

It really is very fun, although I didn’t get into the twirling like the guys did.  I think I went around two or three times rather slowly, and, pleased that I had conquered it, was willing, a little reluctantly, to leave.


6 thoughts on “Day 7: More Sky Surfer Photos

  1. I do believe several speed skating experts might suspect there is a reason a few more seconds wasn’t carved off that 5K. But, who am I to say?!

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