Sunday Sink

For today’s Sunday Surprise, I present the sink from our bathroom at Huis ten Wolde – where we stayed on our trip to the Netherlands.

It was an excellent drop-in sink, especially for people like me who don’t like to have fancy soap dishes or jars around.  My preferred method of dealing with soap is to rest it on the ledge, next to the faucet – but with many sinks, the soap easily falls off the ledge into the sink or onto the counter, or soapy, slimy water builds up under the soap or at the edge of the sink on the countertop.

This sink had the perfect solution – a shallow dip next to the faucet that held the soap perfectly, keeping it from falling off in either direction or from sliding around at all, in fact.  But the soapy water dripping from it didn’t build up underneath; the sink provided perfectly for drainage with a narrow channel running off to the side and into the sink bowl.

The downside is that the sink is by Villeroy and Boch; I haven’t looked it up but I imagine it’s pretty pricy for a sink.


4 thoughts on “Sunday Sink

  1. A very nice feature for a sink, solving a pet peeve of mine, especially on hotels. —I pretty well have eliminated issues on home front.

  2. Proof positive that neither form nor function need exclude the other. BTW, my sink issue has lttl to do with the sink itself…I just wish the standard height for the sink surface were several cm higher…I’m tired of bending and stooping as much as I do from my height. Love, Rob

    • I imagine you do have that problem – seeing that I sometimes feel like sinks are too low for me, and I’m 4 or 5 inches shorter. The ones that feel like they’re at my knees must be around shin-height for you…. (Thankfully though, most are low-mid thigh.)

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