Loose Ends and Randomness

Part 1: Loose Ends

I’m still reeling a little (in a good way) from having been Freshly Pressed on Friday; my total blog views have almost quadrupled and each day I’ve gotten more than 10 times my pre-Friday highest-ever number of hits in one day.  None of these are huge (or even significant) numbers in the domain of the big blogs, but it is quite a shock for someone who mostly has been dealing in the family-and-friends readership realm.

The second part of the shock is how easy it is to get accustomed to the paradigm shift.  On Thursday, I had a great blogging day because my views were in the 40s and I thought I’d written a good post about the Sky Surfer.  Today, I’m a little depressed because, while I had a large number of hits in the morning, the rate has steadily decreased since the new crop of Fresh Pressed posts went up.  What is wrong with me?  How can it be possible that the same person, happy with 44 views on Thursday, is feeling a little down about “only” 637 (so far) on Monday?

But it’s a common and normal part of human life to experience low spirits after living through a huge high – no matter what that highlight was.  So instead of beating myself up for feeling bad about feeling sad, I’m trying to figure out what, if anything, a three-days’ bump in readership means for me.

The answer, for me and for right now, is – nothing.  I am very grateful to my new followers and for everyone who took the time to view my blog and leave comments, but I am very busy trying to finish a degree at the moment – and furthermore am pretty happy for now with my blog as a sort of public life journal for me, John, and Maxwell, nothing more.  So I’m going to continue on my merry blogging way, being grateful for the recognition of having been Freshly Pressed, and for the visitors, but trying to return to my happy-for-44-views self of last week.

Although if you’re a new visitor and interested in our little travel adventures, and a slice of life presented with gratitude and (I hope) a little humor and/or beauty, please feel free to stick around.  I’m happy to have you here!

For the rest of today’s post, I have a series of small items I wanted to share … and I’ll be back to travel-journaling tomorrow.

Part 2: Randomness

After we left the Oval, after the 5K, we saw a little frog in my parents’ hotel parking lot.  I think he is awesome.

The lighting was terrible, some sort of orangey-pink lights mixed in with the standard yellow sodium-vapor lamps, but I think he turned out OK anyway.

After getting right up near him – I have only a 24mm-equivalent lens and this photo isn’t cropped, so I really was that close – and shooting more toward his face than his side, he got freaked out and hopped away.  I’d say it was a double benefit; I got the photos, and he was spared the possibility of getting run over.

Part 3: Loose Ends

Jonathan really was happy after his 5K – we hardly ever see him smile this wide after a race.

The smile stayed all night, including when dousing his dinner with red pepper flakes, his constant travel companion.  (Constant companion, that is, until they get eaten and replaced by other, not-yet-consumed condiments.)

It was infectious – although maybe the rest of us were smiling broadly also just because we also were very happy with his results.

Part 4: Loose Ends

Remember the Elephants I showed you a week ago?  A fellow blogger, Annika, left some helpful links in my comments.  If you visit the wikipedia page for the Netherlands, you can read about the roadside art, both elephants

… and the house with a boat on top that I mentioned (in the comments of last Tuesday’s post).

It’s symbolic!  The land used to be underwater, so the houses now are below where the boats used to be.

(Also: if you don’t yet have a translate button on your browser, you can get one at the bottom of this page; just choose the language into which you want to translate, and drag its button to the links area at the top of your browser.)

Thanks again to Annika for pointing out the links.


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