Day 8: Another Beautiful Dutch Countryside Walk

Saturday morning in Steenwijk dawned bright and beautiful once again, and before meeting up with Mom, Dad, and Ryan, John and I had a similarly relaxing morning in the countryside to what we’d had the previous day.

But first – I had to find him.  When I stepped out of the shower, he wasn’t in the room, and continued not to be there as I changed, put on sunblock, put on makeup, and wandered around the room a few times, waiting.  Eventually I went downstairs and found him in the library/cafe area, reading the newspaper and ESPN online.

After a breakfast of (you guessed it!) croissants (and other incidentals), we took another walk up and down behind our hotel.  It’s the same scenery as we’d been through the previous day, though my photos are different – but I hope you will not find this post too repetitive even if I repeat myself again about how beautiful the farmland was, and how grateful we were for the unexpectedly gorgeous weather and the area’s calm peacefulness.

I was particularly pleased with this little drainage ditch/mini-canal – both how pretty it was as we walked by, and how the photo turned out.  (It’s my favorite photo of the morning’s walk.)

Here is its continuation on the eastern side of the road, after having passed underneath.

We also did some bird-watching, although again, not having an European bird book, it was definitely on the Watching end of things rather than Positive Identification.

Here’s John, seriously looking at some birds …

… and here’s me forcing us into another silly self portrait, whose closest relative may be my silly Eiffel-tower-grabbing-nonsense photo.

At this point, you may be asking a few questions, such as – Why is the tree in focus, and not the people?  Why does she have her sunglasses in her teeth?  Why does she keep shooting these self portraits, again and again and again?  And perhaps most importantly, why does she keep posting them?!?!

Not that I have an answer for any of them … I just wanted to acknowledge that they’re there, that they’re mystifying, and that I understand your confusion.

We soon turned around and headed back, since we had another 10am appointment to meet my family in Heerenveen; as we walked to the car, I got a good shot of our hotel in the distance.  Here it is – the large building in the middle-ish of the photo.

To its right is a house with a wonderfully giant trampoline in the yard, along with a fenced enclosure containing sheep and chickens.  I wonder if the inhabitants have fresh eggs every morning, and card, spin, and weave or knit cloth from their own sheep’s wool?  It sounds pretty ideal to me, although I am sure that the work involved in the animals’ care and upkeep is significant.

Once we met up with my parents and brother in Heerenveen, we were on a Mission….  To the Lighthouse!  Whoops, I mean … to the Windmill!

Indeed – right in the middle of Heerenveen (as it is now) is a real, working traditional windmill, that’s open to the public to tour as they grind grain on Saturdays.  Here’s a teaser, a photo I shot as we parked and began to head toward it; you can just see the mill peeking out from behind the trees and homes.

I’ll leave the up-close and personal photos for tomorrow.


5 thoughts on “Day 8: Another Beautiful Dutch Countryside Walk

  1. Very beautiful photos and analysis of self-portraits! I say, keep them coming. To me, they are not self-portraits as neither Dad nor I are in them, and we do like to see you and John.

    • Don’t worry, I will…. I think you exactly hit the reason that I keep posting them – that we think other family members might like to see us in situ – although I feel a little silly with these deliberately posed ones!

  2. 2 thots — good that you have such long arms. Also the up-down symmetry of the blue, and the slightly off left-right symmetry catch the attention in the ditch photo — it really is quite nice.

  3. Hi, Julianne. My thoughts concerning self portraits I have seen by such diverse people as Rembrandt, Andy Worhol, Robert Maplethorpe et. al. have often included a puzzle…could the missing piece of their mosaic of work be a simple expression, indeed possibly an exclaimation, of “I AM !”? (re: the lyrics of the song “I Am” by Neil Diamond, circa 1971). I am not so psychoanalytical to suggest this is your purpose, for I do not. I do wonder about these artists…and sometimes I personally feel like Neil Diamond seemed to feel in his song. Love, Rob

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