Day 9: The Netherlands Finally Turned Gray

It’s not that we were hoping for it to happen – it’s just that we expected it.  Everything we read and heard pointed to Dutch weather being similar to that of Oregon, and that so far we’d hit an extremely good streak of beautifully sunny days.

But Sunday morning, we awoke to quite a different sight – grayness and haze.

The land was still beautiful, and again after breakfast (mmm, croissants) we strolled down our neighboring lane to visit the ponies and sheep.

And of course a day on vacation is a day started out badly if it doesn’t involve at least one self-portrait (or five).  Here’s us with the ponies!

I realize we look a little weird in this photo – John’s getting warped by my lens a little and I have hair in my eye and some sort of weird small-head-bad-posture-darth-vader-hood thing going on, but unfortunately the one I shot I got in which we both looked good (or at least, better) was taken before I realized I still had my aperture wide open, so that the ponies were all out of focus in the background.  In the shots I took with the aperture further closed, John and I look weird, so that’s what you get.

Here’s a cloudy-day version of my favorite drainage/irrigation ditch.  Not quite as brightly pretty as the previous day’s, but I still like it.

(It’s also a slightly different composition from the previous day’s photo – which do you like better?  I prefer the sunny-day version.)

We walked further this morning than we had before, and saw (and photographed) more homes and farms and a little wooded area, but I will restrain myself to just one more photo here.  This little blue cottage (or guest house?) was my favorite building that we passed.

Actually, I lied – I can’t resist just one more sheep shot.

Hooray sheep!

On a separate note, I also took some photos that Sunday of my brand-new flowers – Jonathan gave me his victory bouquet.  (Of course he offers them to Mom first, but she had one from the previous day’s 5k – so we got to have a bucketful of flowers in our room, also.)

They were very beautiful, but we were confused by these little clumps of green blooms….

They looked exactly like miniature hydrangea blossoms.  Is there such a thing?  If not, what are they?

It seemed like the Netherlands was playing tricks on us.  When we headed back to Heerenveen after our brief walk, the sky began to clear and the beautiful blue to sneak through.

Have those reports of constant gray dreariness been greatly exaggerated?

5 thoughts on “Day 9: The Netherlands Finally Turned Gray

  1. You did such a good job capturing the bouquet. I believe it is a hydrangea — possibly a portion of a regular bloom. The farm lnd nd portraits alo nice.

    • You really think it is a hydrangea? I have never seen the petals that tiny, though … they seem to open full-sized. Is it some sort of tiny version of a hydrangea, or a regular one that opened small?

      I’m glad you liked the other photos too. :)

    • I’m sure it’s a tiring after a while – but at least you had a recent reprieve in the weather! We were there March 22-26, and somehow completely lucked out….

      Do your summers turn drier and more sunny? That’s supposedly what happens in Oregon, although we haven’t lived here a full year yet so we haven’t seen it for ourselves.

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