Back to Maxwell

Our trip to Europe has taken up quite a lot of space on my blog, which has hindered one of its (previous) primary purposes: saving the world from Maxwell-deprivation.

But please, do not be concerned – now that we’re back both literally and literarily from vacation, we’ll work double-time to reduce the building Maxwell deprivation.

And while I know that some of you (Dad!) might scoff at this as a mission …

… Max and I know that our work is for the greater good.

We will not be deterred!

5 thoughts on “Back to Maxwell

    • Really, ornery? I think he might have been a bit grumpy because the camera shutter disturbed a little nap, but I did think he looked cute.

      I do particularly like his stance and expression in the last one, though, also.

      • well, He certainly doesnt look deprived in the last one — approaching the opposite i would say. And the rest of us seem to be on a course away from max deprivation as well.

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