Water Retention

(As I mentioned a few days ago, we have not had rain for a very long time – but I have a backlog of the photos that I took around town for more than a month as my blog posting was consumed by our trip to Europe.  Here are some post-rain photos for your enjoyment; I feel like I have to put them up now, because tomorrow it’s predicted for the rain to start back up again….)

This moss was moist.

As was this …

and the tulips were bedewed.

Jonathan visited back in April, when it was still raining on and off regularly.  We visited the Hoyt Arboretum…

…and spent some time poking the bark of the Giant Sequoias, which is usually quite soft, squishy, and damp.

Water retention to the limit!!  (The cheat is to the limit!)

Jonathan looks more concerned about it than he really was, I think.

Any thoughts? Leave a reply here!

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