Weekend Compendium

To start the weekend off right, Maxwell made his final move on the living room furniture – he staked his claim on the leather chair.

John and I started our weekend right with another pizza.  Yum.

On Saturday morning, John and I took a long, beautiful bike ride in the rolling farmland, and I was able to ride up the hill that last week I had to walk.  It’s just over 15 miles, and the hill I’m referring to is rated category 5 – which is the easiest rated hill on Map my Run, but still, it’s a rated hill.  Hooray for me.

(I realize category 5 is pretty much a wimpy non-hill by real cycling standards, but I can still feel good about it, right?)

That evening, we had some delicious sushi, including our neighborhood sushi bar’s newest special offering – the Flaming Jack.  When the description stated that it came “surrounded by fire” I assumed they meant figuratively, but no.  This was Sushi Flambé.

It was delicious.  I would not have expected a grilled flavor to go well with spicy tuna and unagi sauce, but – wow.  John will now demonstrate how we both felt about the Flaming Jack:

On Sunday, we stopped by the Oregon College of Arts and Crafts‘ studio sale, where I bought a new container for my sourdough starter.

I’ve been looking for one that’s big enough, with a loose lid, attractive enough to sit on the counter, and that we wouldn’t feel terrible or guilty about breaking (accidentally).  I’m so glad we noticed the sign and stopped – we had fun browsing the sale, and I found a perfect solution for my sourdough.

We also visited the bonsai exhibit at the Portland Japanese Garden.

I love bonsais!  We’re wondering how hard it might be to bonsai a Monkey Puzzle….

And the rain did indeed return, and with it, the SNAILS.

They are out in full force.

Welcome back, snails.  I can say that calmly, not yet having a garden of my own.

This guy was a happy one until Maxwell tried to say Hi.

He wasn’t a fan of that idea.

Note 1: This is my 100th post – hooray!

Note 2: Another thing I did this weekend was add a new page to my header – Best-of and Favorites.  Let me know what you think!


4 thoughts on “Weekend Compendium

  1. Congrats on your 100th post!! And great photos (as always). It has been raining a lot here lately and I was able to capture some of the snails too. I will add those pictures in a post sometime soon. Looks like you had a fun-filled weekend.

  2. For a dog that is not allowed on furniture, he is taking quite a few liberties, I should point out — on you new and highly valued chair!

    Very cute capturing of Maxwell and snails!

    • He’s not not-allowed on furniture, although he is supposed to stay on the floor unless we’re there too – but sometimes he’s just too cute to reprimand. (And that leather chair is pretty much indestructible, so although we do love it, we’re not at all worried about it. Since we bought the model off the floor it’s already well on its way to a nice weathered patina.)

      Glad you like the snails!

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