The Irises have been out for a couple of weeks now, and I’ve been collecting some photos of them … but this weekend they seemed to be more abundantly rampant than before.

(I’ll post some non-rainy earlier shots sometime later.)

We also have been seeing our very first roses!  Portland is nicknamed the City of Roses for its excellent rose-growing climate, but we hadn’t yet seen much evidence.

I’m really looking forward to the rest of the spring.  Given the number of rose bushes in the neighborhood, the flowers should be profuse.

(On a flower-related note: at the Japanese Garden this weekend …

… we saw this bush covered in funny butterfly-shaped flowers.

Does anyone know what kind it is?)

(And on an unrelated topic: I got a message this morning that my new bike has arrived and been built.  I am so excited to finally pick it up!  Hopefully I will be able to soon, and the weather will be pleasant for riding!)

6 thoughts on “Irises!

  1. How pretty! And exciting news about your bike. I’m always excited when something comes that I ordered. You must post pictures of your bike adventures (hopefully it will stop raining).

    • I’m actually not sure what I’m going to do about biking photos – my camera is too big to bring with me comfortably, and I think I’d be worried about it. Maybe I’ll start bringing my iPod to at least capture *something*. We’ve seen beautiful landscapes, and cows and llamas and goats, so there are definitely a lot of photos I’m missing out on by going out without a camera.

      • it won’t work with a camera strap for around your neck? I understand though because it could fall and you wouldn’t want to risk damaging it. Your iPod has a camera? I have the 2nd generation iPod still (I dont even know which one they are on now lol) so I’m unaware of the new stuff added to them. Unless you meantt your iPhone, which takes pretty good pictures. I know I would hate to miss out on all the pictures of llamas and goats haha (how cute).

        • I’ve thought about using the neck strap, but I think it would bang around too much … but it’s really too big to get in and out of a pocket conveniently.

          I have a 3rd generation iPod touch (it’s the first one that had a camera on it) and it’s a much smaller sensor/lower resolution camera than the iPhone has, but it’s OK – better than a flip phone style camera. I think it’s my current best picture-taking-while-biking option. If I could put IT on a neck strap, I’d be all set…

  2. I really like the photos of the irises and roses! The color of the roses is especially spectacular.

    Exciting news about your bike! Hope you get to take a spin before your trip.

    • I was so excited to see those beautiful roses hanging over the sidewalk. Unfortunately they’re not in our neighborhood, so I can’t visit them every day!

      I’ve got bike news coming up soon!

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