Succulent Garden + New Bike Report

These succulents are from our same neighbor’s garden that I’ve photographed before.  They’re still beautiful in the springtime – even more so as they’ve matured, and the trees have filled out.  I like the sun-dappled look.

We collected my new bike yesterday and it is excellent, (almost) just what I hoped to have.  We woke up this morning to clear weather, so were able to take our normal week-morning ride, and at first I was extremely happy – zipping along practically weightlessly, able to brake abruptly for stop lights, able to keep up with John.  Toward the end of the ride, I was wondering if I might not have preferred a heavier bike since it felt like although the new one was much easier to get going, it seemed very difficult to keep the momentum up.

Once we got home though, John told me we’d been riding much faster than we usually did, so maybe that’s the difference – I hope.  (It was quite a breezy morning, also, so that probably didn’t help – especially riding into the wind on the way home.)

The only two concerns that I have are:

1) I’m not sure what to do about this whole shifting thing.  What gear combinations am I allowed or not allowed to use?  How often should I be shifting?  This is going to take some getting used to.  Maybe I should just have gotten a single speed….

2) I know this is just exactly what I deserve, but … my bike in person doesn’t look at all like it does online (“Emerald Green”) or in the store catalogue.  That nice, rich, deep green?  Not so much.  It’s … bright.  If I were labeling it for the catalogue, I’d say “Bright Grass Green” instead.

(Plus … the green of the tires clashes with the green of the bike.  Oops.)

It’s not quite neon, but it’s close enough that we were quite startled when we first saw it.  Yesterday evening it began to grow on me and I’ve begun to feel better about the situation, and when we were out riding this morning I didn’t think about what it looked like at all.  I can’t say it’s not a disappointment, but it’s not a deal-breaker.  It can’t be, since special orders aren’t returnable – but further than that I do think I’ll like it fine in the long run.  It’s just another thing that’s going to take some getting used to.  (And I’m going to have to be really careful what I wear when riding if I don’t want to look like some crazy neon crayon box exploded all over me and my bike.)

We had fun riding, and that’s what really counts, right?

Don’t worry: John retrieved his helmet before we started out, and Maxwell was happier than he looks.

It’s just awfully early in the morning to put on a cheerful face.


9 thoughts on “Succulent Garden + New Bike Report

  1. Isn’t it nice to have neighbors that have pretty plants? All the satisfaction without all the work lol! And how adorable is that little carrier for Maxwell, so cute! He just sits there the whole time? I think if I took Teddy with me he would want to jump out if he saw a dog.

    • Max does sit calmly – we have a bed and a blanket, so he can nest himself in if he wants. We do put the front shield down so he can’t escape, but most of the time he seems content. He does sometimes scratch at the windows if he sees something exciting. But all in all it’s a great way for us all to go together, which I’m glad of because we probably wouldn’t go out nearly as often if we couldn’t bring Maxwell with us.

  2. Very pretty succulents.
    So many complexities with the bike. On your blog it looks good. It seems good that it is bright — at least you will be easy to see. Keep us posted.

    • I didn’t mean to sound completely down about the bike – in person, I think it probably looks good too. It’s just that it’s not what I have been expecting and anticipating for the last several weeks, you know? I think once I get used to it I’ll enjoy it.

      And you’re right – the brightness probably makes it a little safer than a more neutral bike. That’s a good thing!

  3. I like the green bike, but the tires are a bit off color, like you said. I bet, as soon as you get it a little dirty those tires will darken down to a proper Portland grey and won’t be at all noticeably clashing with the bike itself. I live in Portland too, and I’ve yet to purchase a bike, so I find your insight into that big step helpful.

    Happy trails!

    • Thanks! I think you’re right – the tires are probably not going to be that color for very much longer. And I feel pretty silly worrying about it anyway, since it’s not likely that anyone is going to notice or care if my tires match my frame.

      Are you thinking of getting a new bike soon? It seems like it’s definitely the season for it, with the rainy season ending. (Although as I’m writing, as a giant storm cloud looms out my back window, so maybe I’m speaking too soon. It’ll be our first summer here, so we don’t really know what to expect yet.) At any rate, if you are, good luck – and I’m glad I can be of some help!

      • I’d like a bike. I really would. My hesitation is 3-fold: 1. I work in a job where I see people whose mobility has been ruined by being hit by cars – lots of pedestrians & bikers. I’m afraid to ride in traffic! But there are several lovely trails nearby that exclude cars. 2. I live in a teeny apartment with no storage or safe place to lock a bike. And I’m not one of those die-hard bikers who thinks hanging the bike as art on my living room wall is awesome :) 3. I forgot what 3 was, so I guess only 2 hesitations.

        I do hope you enjoy yours and ride safely. Keep your eyes & ears peeled for inattentive drivers though!

        Raingear. Raingear. Raingear. As you know, the rainy season lasts through June and begins again in September.

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