Friday Birthday

If you were with us today, we could take a hike and look at birds and take photos of flowers and moss, or go for a long bike ride in the hills since the weather hopefully will be nice …

… or spend the day shopping or sitting at a cafe reading and talking together.  We could have dinner out and then walk through the neighborhood…

… and sit on a bench under the flowering trees as the sun sets eating ice cream cones…

… and walk home together in the twilight.

Then since having double dessert is perfectly acceptable on birthdays, we could play Settlers or Carcassone or Bridge and laugh and have birthday cake together.

As it is, it’s just the three of us together so all I have are photos for you, while John and Maxwell and I get the birthday cake all to ourselves.

8 thoughts on “Friday Birthday

  1. May you birthday be filled with the joys you so enticingly show in your photos
    and thos joys which are impossible to image and can only imagine.

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