Cannon Beach, Day 1

Two weeks ago, John and Maxwell and I headed out west to Cannon Beach, a little town on the Oregon coast that got its name when a cannon washed up on its beach.  John had gotten an extra two days off work (along with his entire group) that serendipitously coincided with my birthday, and had decided that he really wanted to go to the beach.  It wasn’t my top choice, but it was on our list of Places to Visit in Oregon, and it was John’s bonus vacation – so off we went.

The drive out is particularly beautiful – farmlands and forest – although 26 does pass through some areas of forest that have been clear cut, and look a little sad.  For the most part, we enjoyed the rolling clouds and the forests and the interesting sights we passed, like the bike-friendly places in which traffic speeds are reduced when cyclists are present, and the Tillamook Railroad.

I’m pretty sure Maxwell enjoyed the drive, also.

Since John had inexplicably been driven to vacuum and clean up the spare bedroom upstairs (where he normally keeps his clothes) before we headed out, we arrived in Cannon Beach just before dinner.  We checked in to a room that I think he picked specifically to match his eyes.

He may also have picked it because we could see the ocean from our little balcony!

But with the ocean so close, we didn’t linger in the room – we had to go closer.

We didn’t visit the beach, since we were hungry – instead, we headed a block east to the main street of town to look around and to find out what our dinner options would be.  Of course, I couldn’t not take photos along the way.  Here’s John, with ominously gray clouds looming overhead…

… and a cute little snail.

We ended up eating at Ecola Seafoods, which despite its somewhat disturbing name, had good reviews online and a tasty looking menu.

I had fish-and-chipped salmon…

… and since their bathroom door sported a sign saying “Friends Don’t Let Friends EAT FARMED SALMON” I can guarantee that this was troll-caught ocean salmon.

It was delicious.

The rest of our evening was spent in tired laziness – feeding Maxwell his dinner while playing fetch…

… and then after noticing that the sun was about to set …

… rushing down to the street to get a better look.

Maxwell was more interested in the other dog on the beach than he was in the sunset …

… although after realizing that we weren’t going to let him go down to the beach, became resigned to his fate.

He should have been paying attention to the view, though.  With those massive clouds rolling in, and the ocean and the orange sun, it was beautiful.  This photo doesn’t do it justice, by a long shot.

I feel like I’ve cropped the life out of the photo here, but you can see the sun a little better…

I still have my sights set on the 18-200mm Sony e-mount lens, even though it is relatively large and heavy.  I’ll probably have saved up enough in … fall of 2013, maybe?  Coming not-too-soon-but-eventually: photos captured on something other than my 16mm.  In the meantime, cropping works pretty well!


6 thoughts on “Cannon Beach, Day 1

  1. Indeed, the cropping worked well…the sunset must have been quite something in person. The room looks very nice, Julianne, and I liked you point about matching eyes. Perhpas there will
    be some way to get more imaes of you along the way. Love, Rob

    • Yes, we had a really nice room – they did a nice job.

      I’m not sure there are many photos of me to come, though – maybe a couple – but I hung on to my camera pretty much the whole weekend, and didn’t take many (or any?) self portraits….

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