Someone Likes Me!

I had a very happy surprise a couple of weeks ago – a fellow blogger, Tracy at Jottings with Jasmine, very kindly passed a “blogging award” nomination my way.  I didn’t see her post at first (oops!) but am grateful for her recognition, and very glad to know that what I post is in some way inspiring to others!  Thanks again, Tracy!


And since I feel itchy and weird when I write a blog post without including any photos, here’s a random but timely one.  Now that the weather’s turned warmer, and the rain appears to have stopped, it’s time for me to break out the summer sandals – and be reminded that my left foot is significantly shorter than my right one.

With the raised outline of the birkenstock footbed, the difference seems glaringly obvious to me.  (*embarassed*)  Hopefully no one else notices.

Or since I’m now supposed to be inspiring, maybe I should say: I hope everyone notices, and appreciates how I embrace my defects and wear the shoes I love, regardless of my large-ish, mismatched feet!


5 thoughts on “Someone Likes Me!

  1. Really the difference isn’t very noticeable at all. It is good to embrace the fact that none of us are in fact perfect and then to make peace with it and move on with our lives. Great job on being encouraging to all.

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