Cannon Beach Flowers

Today’s blog post is doubly celebratory: not only am I writing about the afternoon of my birthday, which we spent in Cannon Beach, but today’s our anniversary!  Seven years ago (whoa!) John and I were married – and I’m glad of it, as it’s great getting to live with someone who excels at so many things that I don’t.  He’s a Lizard-removing, Insect-removing, Things-in-high-places-reaching, Wasp-squashing, Maxwell-caretaking, Decision-making Hero.  (His superpower is the ability to kill giant cockroaches by running over them with refrigerators.  I’m not kidding – he can really do that.  You’re allowed to be amazed.)

So, seven years – maybe not that long in absolute terms, but we’re glad to be here!

I think it calls for flowers, which is convenient, since my entire birthday afternoon was pretty much spent taking photos of flowers – or that’s what you would think if you looked at my camera’s memory card.  In reality, we began by eating delicious crepes for lunch, which sitting in the warm sun, and having ginger beer.

This stuff was amazing.  It’s what ginger ale ought to be, a little sweet and a lot spicy; I think it was essentially a suspension of very finely shaved ginger in mildly sweetened soda water.

We then spent the afternoon strolling around town and browsing in the shops, but (almost) all I have to offer here is more flowers.  So happy anniversary, John, and happy birthday, me!

(Here’s another of Cannon Beach’s wildlife sculptures: tufted puffins!)

(An awesome glassblowing studio and shop, which was one of my favorite visits of the afternoon, prominently featured chard plants in their decorative plantings.  We wondered if they’re purely for display, or for eating; no one appeared to have harvested any leaves, yet.)

(After the heat of the glass blowing ovens, some of us demanded a little lounging in the shaded grass before consenting to walk any further.)

Eventually it was time for dinner.  We avoided Maxwell’s reproachful stares, and headed south to the Irish Table without him….

… snapping more photos of flowers along the way, of course.

Then came dinner –to be continued!


4 thoughts on “Cannon Beach Flowers

    • Of course! (Although I wasn’t going to do an entire retrospective since I had so many other things I wanted to get into the post.)

      And thanks – I’m sure he’ll be glad of the kind encouragement, if he ever sees this. (He doesn’t visit my blog very often….)

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