And now it’s the dads’ turn…

What to post for Fathers’ Day?  My dad’s not a sentimental person and probably wouldn’t appreciate flowers … and unfortunately I have not inherited (or developed yet) his skill at having exactly the right thing to say (or write) at all times.

I suppose the most straightforward thing to say is Thanks – to Dad for being the best dad ever – and to Rob for what he’s done for John, and for being kind and caring toward me.

And instead of flowers, how about an awesome car?  (My dad’s been known to own and appreciate some pretty cool cars, although he gave them up for practical family cars when the time came.)

When Jonathan visited us in April, we were innocently driving down the road when he and John spotted a car in the adjacent parking lot that was so exciting that despite being tired and ready for dinner, we had to pull off to gawk at it.

(The license plate was hilarious, but I feel more comfortable having part of the number blurred out.  Let’s just say … it is indeed “Da *singular noun*.”)

(As we finally drove away, the owner came out of the store – so we got to see what kind of person drives a car like that for a grocery store run – and we got to see the gull wing doors open.)

Happy Fathers’ Day, Dad and Rob!

7 thoughts on “And now it’s the dads’ turn…

  1. Thanks from the Nortport harbor Julianne — cool wheels indeed
    . We’re on way home and mom just saw your post. Dad

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