Clementine Experiment

At Cannon Beach, Jonathan found some clementines so tender and tiny – almost ping-pong ball sized – that he decided there was not much point in peeling them.  With such delicate and thin skins, were they worth bothering to peel?

And since the experiment would be so easy and painless, how could he not try?

He had a substantial bite, and evidently it wasn’t terrible – although he didn’t look too happy about it either.

As you may be able to tell from the suspicious way he’s regarding his half-eaten clementine…

… the experiment was aborted halfway through.  Conclusion: even tiny cuties are worth taking the time to peel.

(Conclusion of the non-participating observer: watching someone eat a small clementine peel-and-all is much more pleasant than larger and more unwieldy fruits.  John and I have a friend who has on multiple occasions demonstrated his talent of eating bananas whole – which is captivatingly gross, and makes you wonder what those stems do to the digestive system.)


2 thoughts on “Clementine Experiment

  1. Sounds to me, Julianne, that your whole banana eating scene, with accompanying apprehension building music, might prove to be an early sequence in an Aliens sequel. Later you, played by S. Weaver, and John, played by available sci fi actor become hosts to yellow green creatures with their own bite!!! Having fun with your post, love, Rob

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