A Bee

I was so excited to see this little guy yesterday morning.  I’d love to be able to take those beautiful macro photos of insects and bugs.  A macro lens is on my lens wish list, but even if I had the lens, it doesn’t do any good if I can’t find the animals.  So yesterday: “Hooray, a bee!”


2 thoughts on “A Bee

  1. I’m obsessed with taking pictures of bees lol. We have a lot in our yard so I always feel the need to snap a photo even though I have a bunch already. They fall in my pool all the time and I save them from drowning. I am actually planning on doing a blog post sometime soon, it seems you are always one step ahead of me! haha, I have been neglecting my blog lately, but finally got a new post up today. Hard to keep up with you, always posting so frequently. Keep it up, love your blog :)

    • Thanks! I guess we think alike in photography and blogging. :)

      I am trying to be disciplined about posting at least something small every day; I do better if I make a habit of it, and if I stop (like at the end of May) I think it would be easy for me to let *that* become a habit.

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