It’s a Double Rainbow!

This was a Saturday surprise, not technically a Sunday Surprise, but I’m posting it today anyway – yesterday evening when we came home from our date night (thai food!) we had something amazing out our back window: a double rainbow!

It was brilliant and crisp and amazing in real life, and sadly through the screen and double paned windows, my photo of it looks rather wan and blurry – but it really was spectacular.  I suddenly understood the feelings of the double rainbow auto-tuned-song guy, and we weren’t even in Yosemite….

One interesting thing to note: the colors are flipped between the first rainbow (blue on bottom, red on top) and the second (red on bottom, blue on top).  According to Wikipedia, this is because the double rainbow is a result of light reflecting off the inside of the water droplet twice instead of once – here’s Descartes’ sketch:

(Hooray for Wikipedia!)


Any thoughts? Leave a reply here!

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