I should probably be embarrassed about this…

On Friday, at the end of a routine trip to the grocery store, I walked down the ice cream aisle to see if there were any good bargains on.  I wasn’t joking in my rejected guest post when I said that sometimes it feels like all John and I do is sit on the futon and eat ice cream.  While it’s not exactly all we do, we do love ice cream, and usually have a small cone for dessert every night.

So on Friday, when I saw that Haagen Dazs was only $2.69 (with a purchase of multiples of five) I was extremely excited.  I had a basket on my arm that was already quite full – but $2.69 – I couldn’t stop collecting pints 14 oz. containers.

I left the store with 20 cartons.

But that’s not the end of it; when John came home and I told him about the excellent sale, he was also very excited – so much so that he went back to the store that evening to collect an additional 20.

We might have an ice cream problem.

(Although hopefully not a huge one – on the up side, this will last us at least into September sometime.)

And apart from a (small) evening indulgence in ice cream, we eat quite healthfully – lots of veggies and whole grains, nuts, not much meat or sugar.  Most of what we eat looks more like this:

than that:


18 thoughts on “I should probably be embarrassed about this…

  1. Omg lol! I love your title, it pretty much sums it up. I can’t believe you got so many! I love ice-cream and bargains too, but really that many? haha. I find that when I buy ice-cream it gets frost bite before I can finish it all, and nothing is worse than icey ice-cream! Doesn’t that happen to you? If not, I’d love to know the secret. Happy eating! ;)

    • Um, yeah, I can’t really believe we bought that many either. But since they were in multiples of 5, it was very easy to say “I’ve got 15, what difference will it make if I buy another 5?” … and here we are, with a freezer full.

      You have a good point about freezer burn – I also hate iced-over ice cream (although not as much as gooey, melted ice cream), but we never seem to have a problem unless we’ve opened a container and then let it sit for a while, or if we didn’t keep it cold enough on the way home from the store.

      I guess our tricks are (1) not ever letting it melt and then re-freeze, and (2) eating each container within a week of opening it – which is usually not a problem for us since we buy small containers and both have ice cream 5-7 nights a week.

    • Hmm, maybe. I don’t think it’s that big – we have a counter-depth side-by-side fridge, so I think it’s kind of normal. Maybe it sounds and looks like more ice cream than it is? We also have two frozen chickens, and three dinners that I cooked and froze, and costco-sized bags of pecans, almonds, pine nuts, and peas, plus some bags of ice and some random leftovers.

      On second thought, maybe we do have a big freezer.

  2. Resembles a bit my fridge…lol.. Last month we’ve got a sale at SVC on Haagen Dazs: two for only $5. Needless to say the advantage was taken of the opportunity;).

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