Last night on our evening walk we passed a tree on which a spider had built a web that the sun was hitting perfectly – very beautiful.

You can just see him in this photo, barely – but you can click on it for a slightly larger version.

And here’s a shot in which the web shows up a little better, although you can’t see the spider as well….

I think this spider had made and abandoned several webs on the same tree, because there were a few others nearby in varying states of decay.

There were three or four here at various angles to the main trunk; they were my favorite, for the way they caught the sunlight.

7 thoughts on “Spiderwebs

  1. Were you around Portland last Fall? I love the Harvest Spiders that come out in Fall and are HUGE (and harmless) and make gorgeous webs all over.

    • We were here in the fall, and I think we saw at least one Harvest Spider – although we didn’t know what it was then. Just a huge spider and a huge web that we stopped to marvel at for a good several minutes…. So – should we expect something similar every fall? We only saw that one, but we weren’t really on the lookout for them. If it’s an every-year occurrence, I’m looking forward to snapping some of them, now that I have my camera!

      • Yep, they come out just as the weather turns chilly and they come out en masse! Hope you get to see & photo lots of them this Fall.

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