A Sampling of Neighborhood Clouds

Now that the heavy rain clouds are (almost) gone for the summer, we’ve continued to have beautiful and interesting clouds in the sky.  (It’s a tremendous and welcome break from Austin, when sometimes we went weeks with clear, cloudless, oppressive skies.)  These are all from the last month, or so.

Finely-textured evening clouds with small airplane:

Flat clouds – they almost looked like cloud pancakes:

Reflected clouds:

Potential energy surface clouds:

Feather cloud:

6 thoughts on “A Sampling of Neighborhood Clouds

  1. I really like your clouds, especially the one in puddle. The color you captured is amazing! I never noticed puddled reflected clouds before in my life! Thanks.

    • Thanks Rob – I’m glad you like that one particularly. I think that one might be my favorite from this set, although I like the pancakes and the evening striated clouds and the feathery one too – so the PES shot is at least in my top 3, let’s say. :)

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