More from the 4th

I realized that in yesterday’s post, I failed to show you John’s excellent 4th of July outfit….

… or Maxwell’s afternoon “Good Ship Maxwell” imitation …

(Um.  Where are his legs?)

… or how good a dog he was during the parade.

I should say this: Max almost never barks intentionally.  We hear him yipping in his dreams now and again, and once while awake he barked at a noise in the middle of the night, and once he barked excitedly at some horses – and that’s it.  Two intentional barks in his whole 3.5 year life with us.  So it’s clear that horses are rated very high in his excitability index, and we were a little nervous about taking him to a parade full of horses – but he was quiet and calm the entire 2 hours, horses, sirens, kids and all.  Good dog, Maxwell!


2 thoughts on “More from the 4th

    • You know, sometimes he does it even better, with his back haunches upright – like most cats do. I think you’re right though that we could classify this as a chicken sit, also. :)

      I hope you guys had a great 4th!

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