Japanese Garden

This weekend we had another set of house guests – John’s brother and his wife.  We don’t get to see them very often, and were very excited that they were able to spend a few days with us before a family reunion on the coast.

We played games – bridge, bananagrams – and saw a little of Portland.

On Monday, we went to the Japanese Garden for an afternoon of beautiful calmness and good conversation.

Some irises bloomed in the Strolling Pond Garden:

… and between the mossy ground and the green leaves (and the green light filtering through them), parts of the Tea Garden and the Natural Garden were overwhelmingly verdant.

One of my favorite spots is the “sand and stone” contemplation garden…

… but definitely the best part of the visit was talking with my sister-in-law while we strolled.  I’m so glad she was here.


5 thoughts on “Japanese Garden

  1. Gosh, gee. What a tour. Better than yoga! It is easy, breezy being green. I now feel very relaxed. Oh, so ready to face the day!! As always, gorgeous shots!! Theadora (Great play with the light!)

    • I’m so glad you enjoyed the photos. It’s one of my favorite spots in Portland; we visited the first weekend we lived here, and signed up for a membership on the spot. It really is an excellent place to sit and relax, at least on week days. It’s so calming, except on beautiful weekend afternoons when it’s swarming with visitors!

  2. O wow! That first Iris photo is especially beautiful. I love the Japanese Garden too! My favorite season to visit it is in the Fall when all those Japanese Maples leaves are colored brightly. If you get a chance, I recommend you check out the Lan Su Classical Chinese Garden in downtown for comparison. Both are amazing and distinct spaces.

    • We’ve been the the Chinese Garden and love it also, although it’s so different. I don’t think I’d enjoy going to it as often, since it’s so much smaller, with fewer spots to sit and enjoy – but definitely worth the trip.

      I’m glad you like the iris. I was so surprised to see them still blooming there, since in our neighborhood all the irises are long gone – weeks ago!

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