Burrito Nap

The temperatures here have been hovering right around the do-we-or-don’t-we point with regards to turning on the air conditioning; I think we’d almost always leave it off, except we’ve had so many visitors lately who we hope will want to come back in the future.  I think the strange weather and the sometimes on, sometimes off a/c have thrown Maxwell into a sort of temperature confusion.

For instance, you wouldn’t think he would need a five-pound blanket to properly nap in a 73 degree house … but you’d be wrong.



He was content to peer out at me sleepily until I suggested that the blanket was meant to be purely decorative in July, and might be overkill.


“Um, what?  You want me to move?”


“I am just trying to lie here lazily and Not Move.”




“Life is hard.”

Sorry, Maxwell, for the constant harassment … I’m just trying to help.

P.S. Today I had the weirdest (yet) google search hit on my blog:

good article. let me feel the life, life experience, and feel of the so-called human feelings. feel very well. content is very elegant and wonderful, just like a meal

I’m not sure I have anything to say about that.  Just …. ok.  Good for that person, although I doubt they found what they were looking for on my blog.

(And really, how many pages of search results did they have to click through to get here?)



9 thoughts on “Burrito Nap

    • I got another funny one a few days later: “we are policemen marching to the beat shiny helmets and tremendous feet”

      It sounds like they were looking for a particular poem or song, but I think that one was a google image search – they were routed to my 4th of July post.

      Did you get any funny searches on your bokashi blog?

  1. O I hate A/C, it’s so rarely needed here. My biggest peave is going into a grocery store in shorts in the summer and becoming hypothermic in the cold case aisles. A/C – SO overkill for Portland. :) And I love a good heavy blanket nap, even on a summer day. Go Maxwell!

    • :) I agree on the a/c – now that it’s just us, no visitors, we haven’t turned it on. We do have a lot of southwest-facing windows, so our inside temperature swings quite a lot – 65ish when we wake up to the high seventies around dinnertime, but we don’t mind at all.

      It’s funny that you mention the a/c in the grocery – we actually hardly notice it here. I think it’s because we were in Austin for the last 5 summers, and there it’s much more extreme: usually over 100 outside, but still high sixties in the stores. Those were brutal transitions.

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