Recent Humorous Occurrences

I give up.  I have been trying since Wednesday to post a nice, normal post with photos in it, but my computer appears to be having some sort of meltdown.  When I try to transfer photos to and from my camera and/or my external hard drive, it refuses to cooperate.  When I try to hit reload on a website (any website), it refuses to cooperate.  When I try to click a link on a website, it seems to  be using a complicated algorithm involving the exact position it’s in on our kitchen table, whether iPhoto is running or not, how many carrots I ate for lunch, the phase of the moon, and whether or not Maxwell is in the room or not to decide whether or not to comply with the requested click.  There’s a certain tab open in Safari which immediately causes the browser to crash whenever I move to it.

So, long story long, I’m posting photoless today.  Here are two rather funny incidents from the past two weeks.

1) I was at our neighborhood pet supply store, browsing the dog food, when a new employee came over and asked if he could help me find anything.  I said I was just browsing, and noted that we change Max’s food frequently but try to stick with high-protein food that’s also high in fatty acids (for his skin) and preferably grain-free.  I’d been standing there with a bag of food in my grasp that we’d bought before, and meets our requirements  – or so I thought.  But the store employee immediately said

“You definitely shouldn’t get that food then.  Orijen’s not grain-free.”

“Oh really?  We thought it was.”

“No, it’s definitely not.”

“Huh.  I haven’t seen any grains in its ingredient list…”

“Yeah! It’s got whole grain peas in it!”

2) Our favorite local Thai restaurant usually serves its food with basic flatware – forks, spoons, and so on.

(*Imagine photo of spicy asparagus or pad see ew with forks and spoons.*)

But we recently discovered that’s only true if you order appetizers, rice dishes, noodle dishes or curry.  Order a soup … and it comes with chopsticks balanced on the side of the bowl.

(*Imagine photo of noodle soup with chopsticks balanced on the side of the bowl.*)

We were amused.

I think this post would have been quite a bit better with real photos….  Now here’s a gamble to see what will happen when I click “publish.”  Will my post really be posted?


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