Rested and Recovered

After a short trip to visit my family in Michigan we’re back and (mostly) better for it.  My computer, in particular, got the spa treatment while we were gone, and now with freshly updated software and repaired drives it seems to be back to its properly working self.  John and I almost returned home equally relaxed – although after a decently restful four days, our evening flight home from Chicago to Portland was severely delayed.  Four hours is a long delay any time, but when you expect to arrive home at midnight (before a work day) and it ends up being 4am instead – it’s particularly painful.  Note to United: there’s a reason that red-eyes go west -> east, not the other way around.

We all made it home in one piece, though, and despite being stuck in his travel crate for six hours the previous day, Maxwell spent most of the rest of the day napping in it with his favorite toy.

(Six hours, not twelve: despite being against the O’Hare rules, we of course did not make Maxwell stay crated while waiting for our flight.  John took him to the animal relief area, and the rest of the time he lay calmly by our bags.)

I certainly wouldn’t choose to spend more time than necessary in such a small space, but Max really loves it – it’s one of his favorite places in the house, and he was quite content to nap there.

July has been quite busy for us, and now we are facing a fresh month with no visitors and (as of now) no scheduled trips, which feels strange – but I’m sure we’ll settle into a good rhythm of a normal life, at least after the Olympics are over.  (We love watching them, and plan to do so every evening for the next two weeks.  I’m so excited that they’re finally here!)

6 thoughts on “Rested and Recovered

      • That’s awesome! I wonder if every airline allows you to do that. I could never take my dog on a plane if they had to take him away and put him with other dogs/luggage. I’ve heard dogs getting lost that way :( It is great you can carry him on with you.

        • I think there are some airlines that allow it and some that don’t, but the ones we usually fly do: Southwest, American, and United. The only worry is that they don’t dispense emergency oxygen to pets if it’s needed, but of course that’s not likely to happen.

          Also: I think that introducing the travel crate to Maxwell the right way made a huge difference in how easy it is to fly with him.

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