It wasn’t actually my parents’ birthdays last week, but they’re both coming up on pretty major ones in 2 months (3 days from each other!) so we took the opportunity of all of us being together to have a mini pre-celebration – a family throwback afternoon of mini golf, go karts, water sliding, gelato, and dinner out.  Yay.

Fun with water hazards:

At the end of the game, we decided the winners should go into the stocks.  Mom came in first, and Dad technically tied for second but being the birthday co-honoree, he got the stocks treatment.

(To round out the results, I suppose I should mention that I came in last place, 6th of 6, with 58 strokes or something horrible like that.  But it was fun!)

Unfortunately, I didn’t get any photos of the go-kart racing, which the boys won.  I’m sure one of them will be happy to correct me re. what order they actually came in – all I know is that I didn’t pass anyone, and was passed twice.  I ended just behind Dad.

Then came the water slides, which Mom and I sat out – but unfortunately also failed to photograph.  You can see the set up in the background of this putt-putt photo, though…

Skipper (Ryan’s Miniature Schnauzer) and Maxwell joined us for gelato and dinner – they’re both definitely people dogs, and were glad to be with us despite the warm afternoon.

After gelato at American Spoon (perfect gelato, if you ever have a chance to try it) we strolled through some shops.  I think the highlight was the bookstore and window-shopping for Birkenstocks, but this “Himalayan Sea Salt” label was a pretty good moment too – worth a laugh, at least.

Dinner was at a favorite restaurant, as recommended by Ryan, with delicious small plates and a  chocolate fondue dessert.

Bonus perk of fondue: skewers.

It’s a little strange having a two month early birthday party, but everyone’s schedules worked out better this way, and I think we’re all more relaxed during the summertime.  Plus maybe they’ll have another real-time celebration, so this way the party just gets spread out longer.  Hooray!


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