Fighter Planes

Yesterday afternoon I was out running errands when suddenly the sky began to roar.  I looked up (not while driving) and saw fighter jets soaring and swooping overhead, and decided to pull over into the nearby Costco parking lot to watch.  Thankfully, I had my camera in the car.

There were quite a few single passes – very low.  

They also made some passes in groups of threes …

… and fives.

They came almost directly over me – it felt like I could have jumped up and touched them.

They also did some fancy passes overhead.  Here, three planes flew directly toward the same area.  I didn’t think they’d actually hit each other, of course, but it was breathtakingly close.

Two planes also flew overhead, one on top of the other – the top one right side up, the bottom one upside down.

I have a 24mm equivalent lens, and all of the photos in this post are completely uncropped – for comparison, click here for a cropped photo of one of the tiny planes that often circle over our neighborhood.  They often appear to be flying very close to the ground – but if you compare, you can see how low these fighters were.  They were basically buzzing the Costco.

Later I googled the planes and discovered that they must be the Air Force’s Thunderbird demonstration team of F16s; they’re in town for the Oregon International Air Show.  I kind of want to go now, although this weekend is supposed to be HOT so we may end up hiding out indoors instead.  Otherwise – more photos next week?

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