Watching the Olympics in Luxury

This past weekend was miserably, hopefully unseasonably, hot.  I think it actually broke into triple digits – ugh – so John and I decided against some of the exciting (outdoor) events we’d been considering: the Air Show, or a free-opera-in-the-park Die Fledermaus.  But at least the Olympics are here!  Apart from our usual weekend activites and chores, we spent the rest of the time hiding out inside (having given in to the air conditioning by noon on Saturday) watching the games.

In some ways, we’re watching in the most rudimentary way: we don’t have internet at home, or cable, or satellite TV, or even a television.

But in another, we have pretty much the most awesome Olympics-watching setup.

John brought a projector with his first extra paycheck when he got a side job tutoring the UT football team in grad school….

Then before the 2008 Olympics, we used the government voucher to buy a digital converter box and antenna to attach to it….

And as of just weeks ago, we have a brand new tripod screen so we’re no longer projecting onto a sheet or the wall.

Top it off with our new sofa (we can finally move the futon upstairs, so our guests no longer have to sleep on an air mattress!) and our Olympics week has felt downright luxurious.


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