Flora, Fauna, Fungi

I was looking through my recent photos, and realized that the last few days I’ve mostly been taking random shots around the neighborhood, without any that will really fit into a cohesive set – so here you are.  Random photos from the neighborhood.

More glads – I can’t get over how ruffly and beautiful these are.

A tiny mushroom:


A bee!

And … some vine leaves already turning red?  Is it fall already?

On the animal side, we have Maxwell on a park bench, eager to meet another dog coming down the sidewalk …

and a snail climbing a tree.

Go snail, go!

7 thoughts on “Flora, Fauna, Fungi

  1. Glads are one of my favorite flowers. When we visited Michigan every summer, glass were abundantly available as cut flowers. Over the course of our stay, Mom would buy bunches of glads for My Dad’s mother.

  2. Great shot of the bee! I love that picture. I try to shoot bees and don’t hold still enough or get impatient. That shot is very impressive to me. And the snail too. I like to take pictures of snails & fungi.

    • Thanks! I think I got pretty lucky with that bee. I’ve been trying hard lately to get a good bee shot, but getting a decent one was more by accident than my improved technique, I think. I’m going to keep working at it though!

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