Bloom where you’re planted

That piece of advice is not always easy to remember or to follow, but I found some inspirational small pansies growing in the sidewalk.  Hopefully they can be a helpful reminder for me.

We also have moss growing (and blooming) in almost every sidewalk crack around, and I recently found more pansies growing in a retaining wall.

4 thoughts on “Bloom where you’re planted

  1. These pictures go so great along with that saying. We may be in a situation that we wouldn’t have chose ourselves, but once we are there, we might as well grow from it. Seeing those cute little flowers grow in the cracks of a sidewalk can be a methaphor that says “Even when people step on you, pick yourself back up and grow bigger, taller, and stronger”

    • Yes, exactly. I think it’s important not to take it as a call never to try to improve or change your situation – but to strive to do the best you can with what you have, rather than to complain or mope about where you find yourself (which is sometimes all too easy). I like your quote at the end – it’s just what I see in those flowers.

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