Please bear with me.  I haven’t been able to take any photos this week that I even halfway like, and posting on my blog has begun (the last few days at least) to feel like cooking dinner.  I’m going to do it each day, and hopefully with some creativity – hopefully in a way that will interest the consumers – but sometimes it’s just hard to come up with anything new.  So since it’s Friday I’m going to fall back on some old standbys.  For dinner: Spaghetti Carbonara (eggs, brown rice pasta, bacon, parmesan, cracked pepper = simplicity and perfection).  For my blog: Maxwell.  He’s just such an easy subject.

Is this smug self-satisfaction?  Sage worldliness?  Suspicion?


Messy haired:

Still mess; getting photographed, instead of combed:


2 thoughts on “Expressions

  1. First, I would like to come to dinner — yum! Secondly, Maxwell is adorable as usual. I think you could create a new wave hairdo mimicking his disorderly doo!

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