More Bees

I have a bee obsession this week – I’ve started to see many in the neighborhood, and I really want to capture a good in-flight shot.  I am reasonably pleased with my last good one, but I have a couple of new offerings since then.

Last night, I found a huge bumble bee (I don’t know what kind it really is, but it was a big fuzzy one) and chased it all over the grocery store parking lot, trying to get a good shot.  Sadly, despite looking ridiculous for a good five minutes, this is the only photo that turned out in focus, although sadly it’s not in flight, and is half hidden behind another plant:

This morning, I found another bee that was eating sap off of some oak leaves.

(Same photo, heavily cropped:)

It turns out sap-drinking bees are much easier to photograph than ones flitting from flower to flower.

Even when he flew off to move to a better part of the tree, he was moving much slower, and less erratically.

But of course, he was still easier to shoot while sitting still and eating.

(Same photo, cropped:)

One thought on “More Bees

  1. Bees! You know I love ’em! Great shots, and I like the cropped ones best because the details are so clear. Keep buzzin’! (okay, I know that’s corny but I’ve had coffee this morning – I’m not sure why caffeine is a legal substance actually…but that’s an off-topic topic)

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