Friday Picnic

Despite it being tremendously hot outside today, it seemed like a good day for a picnic: Blackberries, Hummus, crackers, carrots, Peppermint (herbal) iced tea….



Max sat grumpily under the picnic table, refusing even to look at the camera for a photo …

… probably because despite all the yummy food up above, he only got water.

He did enjoy our after lunch walk, though.


Highlights of the day included: brilliant black eyed susans…

and discovering that these little purple flowers (I think they’re Lavender, perhaps?) are the bees’ favorite snack suppliers.

I’m going to have to keep an eye on them from now on.


2 thoughts on “Friday Picnic

  1. Mmm I love hummus and picnics are always so nice! Teddy is pretty grumpy about his photo being taken, but at least Max seems to be pretty photogenic most of the time. Love those blackeyed susans!

    • I agree – yay picnics. And I had chipotle-black bean hummus, which was extremely tasty. Sorry for the much-delayed response, but this week has been quite busy. I’m always so happy to see you stop by and leave a comment, and I feel really bad for neglecting my blog a little this week, as well as other blogs I read!

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